About Us

Our mission is to provide individuals and organizations with training and support that will enable them to direct their attention and release tension and destructive thought patterns to achieve success regardless of life’s inevitable stress.

The DeForge Practice was founded and is led by JoAnn Bibb DeForge. She holds a Master of Science in Rehabilitative Counseling, is a certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique and Yoga Instructor and a member of the Order of St. Luke. She has been in practice for more than 30 years. The DeForge Practice incorporates a number of disciplines and techniques that lead to stillness and enables students to direct their attention. During training and individual sessions, JoAnn DeForge may incorporate including Mindfulness Meditation, Alexander Technique, and Yoga. Depending on individual or group goals or needs, JoAnn often leads discussion around topics to gently guide students to discover new thought patterns and ways of releasing physical tension.