Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is taught in private, half-hour to hour lessons to help individuals become aware of muscular habits that invite tension and make us resistant to change. Many of us are unaware of the impact that sitting at a desk or repetitive sports or activities can have on our muscular skeleton and our minds. Overtime, we can develop coping mechanisms that can cause pain and inhibit our performance. JoAnn DeForge works with students to show them where they hold tension and how to release that tension while learning new strategies to realign their bodies and keep tension at bay.

While students often come to JoAnn in pain, it’s important to note that many of us are so accustomed to the tension we cary with us throughout our day that, unless we are in pain, we rarely notice it. Yet it has a powerful impact on every goal we set out to accomplish. Our internal feedback system, or kinesthetic sense, which would normally tell us when something is going wrong, is no longer reliable, making it practically impossible for us to make changes in ourselves without causing problems.