Mindfulness Meditation

It is clear that if we live in this world, stress is an inevitable part of life. The ability to direct one’s attention away from external stress and to become still can have profound impact on the way that we manage stress. In fact, we now know that Mindfulness Meditation practiced routinely can actually lower blood pressure and cholesterol in heart patients. Everyone can benefit from meditation regardless of health goals. Getting still or moving into a state of stillness with a mind focused on breathing and the present serves as an excellent starting point for critical thinking, decision-making, and group interactions.

JoAnn DeForge leads guided meditation that centers individuals providing a “break” from over thinking, worry and stress. Sessions usually last for 45 minutes and include quieting of both mind and body, incorporating breathing, guided imagery, and Alexander techniques designed to achieve mindfulness and stillness. Participants will learn techniques for practice at home and in the office including shorter strategies that can be practiced for centering throughout the day.